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Passover 2018

Pre Order your Passover Macarons !

Our Macarons are of course Kosher for Passover

We have boxed sets of 6 or 12 Macarons, available in a lot of flavors

Taste the French difference !

Passover 2018

Spring 2018

Discover the Taste of Spring !

Buy any 2 new pastries and receive a 3rd one free

(limited time only)

Introducing our Spring Collection of Pastries :

New combinations of fruits, chocolate, caramel and so much more

Couture is not the only way the French welcome Spring !

Spring 2018

Gourmandises de France

Your French Bakery Boutique is K Kosher Certified

Gourmandises de France opened our first worldwide retail location in New York City.

We are dedicated to producing artisanal, handmade French pastries and breads.

Our team prepares every single product with utmost attention to detail.

We have new products every day, fantastic to their very core and sinfully delicious.

Our creations are all based on traditional French recipes and baking techniques. Using only the finest, non gmo and kosher certified ingredients and no artificial flavoring. At this time, all our pastries and cakes are dairy free.

While we always have croissants, French bread, challah and ├ęclairs, we offer a wide range of products that changes daily.

Visit us for your Challah and Shabbat Salads.

Try our Parve Cholent, available Thursday and Friday.

Our products are made fresh several times a day at our location 1437 First Avenue, New York 10021


We welcome you :

Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 7pm

Friday 7am to 2pm (winter time)

Sunday 8.30am to 7pm

(Saturday closed)

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Gourmandises de France is certified Gourmandises de France is OK Kosher Certified